Duck 1 “The Phantom Duck”. Yet another homemade computer!

I’ve always been a curious Duck, specially with computers and electronics. And in a cuack moment, I decided to build my own homemade computer… from scratch.

I now, that’s not a big deal for many people, so I will explain a little bit more. I have no formal training in electronics, so it’s going to be  a learning process, and probably will take a lot of shorcuts and bad practices, and yes, my idea is to build ALMOST everything, even the CPU will be homemade using logic gates and TTL chips.

I will explain things as I learn them, including how each chip works, the way I understand it. I will not worry about power consumption or performance, just about making it work.

It will be a big and probably useless project… at least for a duck.

  • Build a computer from scratch
  • Make it Turing-ish
  • Must be programmable
  • Must be interactive (Input / Output)
  • Easy to upgrade

I need to make decisions, speed, bus, RAM, etc…
Based on a couple of books like “Digital Computer Electronics” by Albert Malvino, or “But how do it know?” by J. Clark Scott, I have some ideas.

  • 8 bit ALU
  • 8 bit Registers (how many? don’t know yet)
  • 16 bit shared bus (Everything will go through here)
  • 32 kbyte RAM
  • 32 kbyte ROM (for pseudo OS… maybe a rudimentary BASIC?…. yes… it’s too soon to know)Plus the rest… Stack pointer, program counter, memory address register, instruction register, I/O controller… etc. I will write details as it gets planned and built.

I think that’s all for today… see you all soon!.

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